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HIV in Ontario > Superinfection/ Reinfection

Superinfection/ Reinfection

Superinfection/ Reinfection

When a person living with HIV gets another type, or strain, of the virus it is called HIV superinfection.

Superinfection may cause some people to get sicker faster because the new strain of the virus is resistant to the medicine (antiretroviral therapy or ARTs) they are taking to treat the original strain. Taking and adhering to HIV medication can help protect someone from getting a superinfection. 

You can have HIV and not know it. The only way to know for sure is by getting tested. Your test results are yours and are not necessarily reflective of your partner(s) HIV status

For more information about HIV, visit CATIE. To find out where to get tested for HIV, call the Ontario AIDS & Sexual Health InfoLine for information in English and many other languages: 416-392-2437 or 1-800-668-2437 (toll-free in Ontario), and French: 1-800-267-7432 (toll-free in Ontario). The InfoLine is free and anonymous.

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